ART003 Visual Images on the Web is an online course I taught in Summer 2015. It is a 3-­credit general arts course for non- art majors at Penn State which provides opportunities for students to prepare visual and verbal media for presentation online with special emphasis on the aesthetics of image-making and web design. I encourage students in consider the work of […]

Visual Images on the Web

I create my journal as a series of “snapshots” of a squirrel traveling with the elephant. She was traveling with “the elephant”, the gigantic but anonymous other. As you can see, their physical distinctiveness has made them dramatically different from each other. Within her travel with the elephant, she experiments on […]

Days with the Elephant

While I was the Web Coordinator in The Pennsylvania State University Graduate Art Education Student Association (2011-2013), I was involved in a collaborative art event titled Post Silence in Zoller Gallery in early December, 2011 and exhibited post cards made by participants reflecting art and story breaking the silence and contributing […]


Do you know that most squirrels in Taiwan have red belly? I was shocked when I first saw the white-bellied squirrel here! Seriously…Look! They have white belly!! I’ve never seen that before! I look so different. I feel that everyone is staring at my belly. It is a story about a squirrel with […]

A Squirrel with Red Belly

I worked as an Education Outreach/ Data Analysis Apprentice at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers from 10/2009 to 5/2010. I worked with the Director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers to Assist on designing and implementing education outreach program for Three River Film Festival. Conduct and produce an audience analysis in the greater Pittsburgh region. The image was […]

Projects at Pittsburgh Filmmakers